All you need in your lab for the lens inspection and mounting is packed inside MEI 4RacerTBA Swift, that features unparalleled automatic inspection abilities and fast self controlled edging process, with the smallest physical and environmental footprint of the market.


An icon of the optical industry. The worlds most productive lens edger with the smallest footprint of the market. With its new control unit and the new lens loading program, the 4RacerTBA Swift improves further the already unmatched productivity of the 4RacerTBA. Furthermore, the new temperature stabilizer improves the performance of the machine even in adverse environmental conditions.


Edging is just one part of the RX lens mounting process.

Making sure that your customer receives the quality they deserve requires several inspection processes, before and after edging. This impacts labor costs, work space and delivery time, but this was before the 4RacerTBA Swift. The 4RacerTBA Swift performs all needed quality inspection tasks without increasing the edging cycle, analyzing 100% of the production, minimizing the rejects and automatically applying the needed correction.


With the integrated TBA (Throw the Block Away) system you can reorganize your manufacturing process avoiding to block/de-block the lenses. Therefore you significantly reduce work, time and consumable costs because you no longer need to inspect/spot-up lenses, block or de-block lenses.

  • PRODUCTIVITY – New control unit and new lens loading program that increase the overall throughput. Up to 200 lenses / hour
  • GLIDE METER – New lens slipperiness measurement before edging to optimize speed and precision.
  • SILVER POLISHING – New polishing process guarantees higher quality and brilliance.
  • FINAL VERIFICATION – 4QC inspection system guarantees verification of centering, axis, size and circ after edging.
  • COMPLETE CONTROL OF THE LENS (ACCORDING TO ISO / ANSI STANDARDS) – Back vertex power measurement / Built-in multipoint Shack-Hartmann focometer.
  • CENTRAL THICKNESS VERIFICATION – Measurement by selfcalibrating micrometric mechanical gauges.
  • IMPROVED TOOLS – Innovative materials and treatments to improve tool’s quality and cycle life.
  • TEMPERATURE STABILIZER – Improves the performance of the machine even in adverse environmental conditions.
  • SWIVELING OPERATOR INTERFACE – 22” full frame capacitive multi-touch screen with video keyboard and ergonomic wireless mouse.
  • SCRAP COLLECTION BOX – Gather the bigger piecies of lens, avoiding noise in the intake ducts.
  • Stackers / Destackers
  • Ezline
  • JobTracking4.0
  • Polarizer Axis Gauge
  • Shape Finder EVO
  • 4QC Quality Control
  • CSA / UL Compliance


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