The fastest of the MEI edgers, the 4Racer TBA features an integrated TBA system for lens inspection. Its famous reliability comes from its sturdy industrial design.

A decade of experience on numerically controlled machines led to the birth of the 4Racer TBA, a machine that further raises world production standards while maintaining the proven precision and reliability that has always characterized MEI machines.

  • Features 50% higher productivity compared to the Bisphera-XDD, making the 4Racer TBA the most powerful industrial edger on the market.
  • The inclusion of six mandrels allows the user to cut edges of any profile and inclination in just one single process, including bevel edging, nylor, rimless edging, drilling, polishing, and more.
  • The ability to work any type of product mix rapidly and without the use of blocks means cost reduction.
  • The 4Racer TBA’s precision after just one run guarantees a first time fit.
  • A sturdy industrial design makes the 4Racer TBA an investment in the future of your company. There will never be any need to upgrade or change your machine, unless of course your company grows!
  • Compatible with the majority of frame tracers and blockers on the market, as well as with interfaces that send jobs via OMA protocol.
  • Industrial reliability means a reduction in your costs and minimal time spent manually revising.
  • 4Racer TBA’s dry cutting process does not produce industrial wastes, making this machine environmentally friendly.
  • The machine is composed of two sections: inspection, where lenses are loaded and inspected, and machining, where lenses are cut and finished.
  • A table with 4 positions for each section guides the lens during the whole process. This unique design allows this machine to process 8 lenses at the same time, guaranteeing the quickest production speeds on the market.
  • Because of this machine’s high performance and eliminated need for blocks and pads, the cost of the entire lens cutting process is drastically reduced with 4Racer TBA.
  • Stackers
  • Ezline
  • Shape Finder EVO


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