Bisphera TBA Phoenix

Processes one pair of lenses while a second pair is prepared for processing.

BispheraTBA Phoenix is the new MEI lens edger perfect for any kind of small and big lab, offering excellent throughput, great flexibility, and best-in-class quality control capability, unique features in the overall edging machinery scenario.
The machine is completely renewed in the exterior design, mechanical structure, and user interface. The footprint remained the same, but the active parts and the mainframe have been redesigned.




The new features are:

    New hardware configuration and twin spindle technology that increase the overall throughput
    Totally independent edging stations, able to cut lenses of different shapes at the same time, offer the maximum flexibility
    The built-in inspection instruments assure the automatic precise measurement of all optical parameter, avoiding any other inspection process before or after the edging.
  • Extreme flexibility: capable of cutting any type of edge eliminating the need to sort jobs.
  • Able to drill holes in any position and of any dimension.
  • Design and industrial reliability that protect your investment as time passes.
  • Software upgrades regularly available to keep you in step with state-of-the-art trends in the industry.
  • Automatic loading and unloading of lenses to minimize the time spent on one cycle.
  • Compatible with OMA/VCA systems.
  • Capable of quickly cutting any shape, bevel edge, holes, and profile using the Tecnocam software.
  • Automatic configuration: the machine optimizes the cutting process on its own, autonomously selecting the inclination of the cut and the position of the bevel.
  • Two spindles operate simultaneously, even in the case of a pair of lenses that differ in shape and thickness.
  • Completely compatible with the common softwares used in the management of optical laboratories.
  • Record and view throughput and alerts on Job Viewer.
  • Stackers
  • Ezline
  • Shape Finder EVO
  • TBA Unit


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