Before and after the point of sale

MEI has built an efficient customer service over the years. First, our technicians and salespeople help the client choose the best machine to suit his or her needs. Immediately after purchase, the client is assisted with the first steps toward use of the purchased product. MEI then makes itself available at any time post-sale, in the case of (rare) problems of any nature or to bolster training.

The Technical Support Hotline (TSH) is our service for remote assistance. Our statistical analysis of customer service data suggests that 95% of technical issues are resolved through our TSH. By using remote assistance, we avoid wasting time and money dispatching technicians. By sending an email or opening a ticket with our Customer Service, you’re often picking the most efficient way to resolve an issue. Our clients always take priority on these services.

The Annual Software Upgrade (ASU) is a service that provides an annual software update on all MEI machines. Because MEI is constantly working on developing our applications, software upgrades feel like getting a whole new machine.

PM (Preventive Maintenance) contracts are a tool MEI uses to regularly dispatch technicians to perform maintenance checks and guarantee ever-perfect functioning on our machines. Reliability and quality determine the success of a business. Regular preventive maintenance checks guarantee maximum efficiency and avoid costly and time-wasting malfunctions. By getting your machines checked regularly, they will function at their full level of potential.

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