Who we are

Mission & history

Founded in 1985 by Stefano Sonzogni and Raffaele Scudeletti, MEI S.r.l. has from the very beginning been in the business of developing CNC machines of the highest quality. In the 1990s, MEI entered the optical market with the introduction of sunglass lens miller Sphera, which reached every large producer of sunglasses across the globe. Through a process of continuous collaboration with its clients, MEI developed a series of further models that brought it to eventually dominate the lens cutter industry.
In the early 2000s, the company took on the challenge of developing a miller for corrective lenses. At the time, the optical industry primarily used grinding techniques for the development of corrective lenses. MEI introduced the industry to revolutionary milling techniques for a superior result. As a result of the greater flexibility and productivity that MEI’s innovation permitted, laboratories could cut the ever more complex shapes required by the demanding eyeglass market.
Following along its path of innovation, MEI went on to develop automated lens loading and tool change systems. Optical laboratories immediately grasped the potential advantages of these inventions. The miller MonoSpheraRX-DD immediately became an enormous success and was followed closely in time by the DoublerR-XDD and the Bisphera-XDD. Rounding out the pack was MEI’s crowning jewel, the 4Racer TBA.
Today, MEI machines can be found around the world in the laboratories of major lens producers, including Carl Zeiss, Essilor, Hoya, Luxottica, and Shamir, as well as in the largest independent laboratories of Europe, Asia, and the U.S.A.
MEI has also begun to cater to the needs of small and midsized laboratories. In 2006, it introduced MEI641, a smaller miller that uses the same innovative technology and software. To round out its offerings, in 2016 MEI introduced EZFIT, the compact solution designed for use inside of stores.
During all these years, MEI has been guided by its steadfast philosophy: to make complex processes simple and to be the first to find solutions to the ever-increasing demands of the optical world.

And the story continues…


Utenwork founded.


The company is renamed MEI s.r.l, standing for Multimec ElectroSystem InfoSystem.


The introduction of Sphera, MEI’s first sunglass lens miller.


The introduction of Monosphera, MEI’s first corrective lens miller.


MEI Inc. is established, with offices in Chicago.


MEIsystem Asia is established, with offices in Hong Kong.


MEIsystem do Brasil is established, with offices in Sao Paulo.


MEI headquarters are relocated to Ponte san Pietro, Bergamo.