Avoid the need for any additional controls after lens edging.

MEI has added a new Automatic Final Control to its system, ensuring the highest quality of the cut lens and making unnecessary any additional controls.

The new system allows you to certify that every lens meets the required specifications in terms of optical parameters and shaping processes.

With 4QC Quality Control, you can also optimize production and maintenance.

The data it collects helps you monitor the machine, ensuring that it respects precision targets and allowing you to organize preventive maintenance, which helps avoid unplanned downtime.

The new automatic control system performs dimensional control on the cut lens and checks the optical center and axis position after cutting, ensuring the highest optical quality of the produced lens and detecting any partial lens breakage that may have occurred during cutting.

Thanks to 4QC Quality Control, it is possible to:

  • Check runtime to confirm that the machine has done the job correctly.
  • Avoid the need to check size, power, axis position and optical center for jobs sent with Remote Tracing.
  • Understand in advance whether the machine is creating scraps and stop it from doing so automatically.
  • Automatically gather data on the stability of the machine that can help you make maintenance-related decisions (e.g. the need to move forward or delay periodic calibration with DCU, or plan a maintenance activity for a time when you will note be forced to stop a machine).
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