The DCU EVO (Direct Calibration Unit) is an optical measuring system used to automatically calibrate the Mei edgers’ cutting tools and lens axis.

This device is able to detect the size, bevel position, safety bevel, and axis position of a plate.

The DCU EVO works in a very simple way. The calibration plates are placed between regular production trays, identified by specific barcodes, and regularly processed. The calibration job requires about 5 minutes to be edged. After that, the plates are placed in the DCU EVO and automatically inspected. The inspection method is reliable and does not require any physical contact with the edged profile.

Once the calibration plate’s physical characteristic is measured, the DCU EVO will transfer all the adjustments required to calibrate the tools and the lens axis to the machine.

The manual tooling calibration of a MEI edger is a time-consuming process that requires the machine to be out of the production line and the activity to be executed by skilled technicians. With the DCU EVO the calibration process is automatic, fast, and reliable, avoiding the edger to be stopped.

The DCU EVO combines the inspection system with an integrated computer with adjustable touch screen and a bar code reader, avoiding additional external connections and creating a completely stand-alone system.

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