The portable calibration unit.

The MEI P-DCU is able to optically detect lens size, bevel position, safety bevel size and groove position.

The MEI P-DCU uses the same technology as the automatic version and is designed to be connected to a single MEI machine. P-DCU is a camera-based measuring system able to optically detect lens size, bevel position, safety bevel size, and groove position. The P-DCU is digitally linked to a single machine, is connected to the edger through the USB port, and stays attached to the machine mainframe through rubber coated magnets.


The operator runs a specific calibration tray loaded with MEI calibration plates and identified by a specific barcode number.

The barcode identifies a special job which is a multi-edged shape divided in sections, each one designed to measure the edge performed by different tools and different edge type. Once the edging of the plates is done, the operator place the plates into the P-DCU and start the procedure with the proper command onto the machine interface. Mechanically defined anti-error devices are present on the edged plates in order to avoid loading errors and make sure to calibrate the correct machine station. During the procedure the operator must turn the P-DCU selection knob to allow the camera system to capture all different edge type performed by the edger.

During this process the camera system acquires the size and position of all edge profile performed by the machine and performs the automatic correction of the tool set.

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