Smart Loader

The intelligent camera-based loading system for Sphera2 Plus XL.

Incorrect gradient tinting position? Wrong polarization axe?

Do not throw the lens away! The SmartLoader can fix these problems.

Existing logos to be perfectly aligned on the lens?

No worries! The SmartLoader can do it automatically for you.

Reflective invisible images on the lens to be perfectly aligned with the frame?

The SmartLoader recognizes and centers them perfectly.

Smart Loader, an add-on to the Sphera2PlusXL edger, features the automatic recognition and alignment of any kind of preexisting graphic elements on the lens blank.

The new and fast-growing trend in eyeglasses is toward lens decoration to add more personality and value to the product.

The need to align preexisting lens graphic elements with the frame is becoming more and more important to avoid rejects and increased manufacturing costs. Not just evergreen gradient tinting but also half-invisible mirrored images, 3D patterns, decorations, and printed drawings on the lens blank require perfect alignment with the edged shape.

The SmartLoader, available with the Sphera2PlusXL and also as an upgrade for existing machines, takes care of perfect centering and orientation of the blank before edging and assures a perfect and symmetrical result with any kind of decoration. To perform the perfect alignment, the Smart Loader system uses the images captured by a distortion-free telecentric camera system equipped with a multilight lighting device designed by MEI.

To keep pace with the edging cycle of the two-headed Sphera2PlusXL, the SmartLoader has two completely independent imaging units.

The lens support system, comprised of two setup-free multipurpose suckers, is controlled by two digitally controlled axes that receive the lens from the standard chain loader system, automatically perform the inspection, and actuate the final blank positioning according to the images detected by the two-camera systems.

The standard hardware configuration is controlled by a software package that comes with image processing modules custom-designed for the customer’s needs.

For the recognition and orientation of:

  • • Existing drawings such as engraved logos, half-visible, printed graphics decoration, mirror drawings and the like, we offer the MDSW01 image processing module.
    • Textures and matt and satin finishes, we offer the MDSW02 image processing module.
    • Gradient tinting position and angle, we offer the MDSW03 image processing module.
    • Polarized lenses, we offer the MDSW04 image processing module.
    • Multilayer gradient tinting, we offer the MDSW05 image processing module.

    The SmartLoader system includes a new digitally controlled chain loader unit, equipped with optical safety curtains and a digital actuator controlling the loading pitch.

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