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The new MEI air compressor tailored for the EasyFit lens edger

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Avoid the need for any additional controls after lens edging.

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Flawless Gauge

Win the challenge of 100% first fit rate with the MEI FlawLessFit system, which applies a dynamic shape optimization taking into consideration all lens and frame features.

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ShapeFinder EVO Reflector

Save time with the accurate and easy-to-use ShapeFinder EVO Reflector, the new camera-based MEI lens tracer unit featuring quality control for edged lenses and logo positions, applied either via laser or an inking process.

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The EZLine feeder is an automated conveyor system ideal for medium and big labs.

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DCU EVO optical measuring system by Mei System


The DCU EVO (Direct Calibration Unit) is an optical measuring system used to automatically calibrate the Mei edgers' cutting tools and lens axis.

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