The Block-less Freeform lens production system

If you are looking for a fully integrated equipment for the entire digital lens generation process the CoreTBA is your perfect solution. No more application/removal of blocks and tape, no more blocking-related consumables.

All processes, from the digital generation, through the engraving, polishing and washing are integrated in one single unit with the smallest footprint on the market.

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The revolution of the lens generation process

Block-free process
No more tape
No more blocks
No more Wax/Alloy
Dry Cut
Less Waste
All in one

The Block-free Digital Lens Generator

7 essential stages of the lens production process

The first station performs a mapping of the front curve in order to determine how to compensate even very small curve deviation differences.
The second station performs the block free generation process first by cribbing the blank and roughing the surface with a high speed milling unit, then fine turning the surface with a diamond turning unit designed by the MEI’s R&D team and manufactured by the MEI’s production plant.
The third station performs the engraving of the progressive reference layout by a short pulse laser unit.
The fourth station is a multi-headed polishing and washing unit able to process four lenses at the same time featuring a completely new polishing strategy that minimizes slurry usage and polishing time.
The power matching unit compares the resulting design with the theoretical design.
The measurement is done in real time on 100% of the lenses without affecting the machine throughput.
The measuring unit is installed at the end of the process and does the measurement by transmission.
The measuring results are stored in the database of the machine and are available for continuous process control and go/no go devices.

Front mapping
Milling & cribbing
Diamond turning
Laser engraving
Power matching
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