The EZLine feeder is an automated conveyor system ideal for medium and big labs.

It provides a flexible job management system, able to handle the loading of an edging line of several MEI machines (managing hybrid edger composition, with old MEI machines, too).

EZLine receives the VCA job trays from the factory conveyor or MEI destacker, downloads the OMA edging data from the server, and handles the working load of the entire line. The control unit has the map of the capacity of each machine and sends the job to the freest one, accordingly with the job specification and machine capacity.

At the entrance of each machine, a barcode scanner reads the job ticket and decides if the tray has to stop or can proceed to the end of the line if it is already finished.

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Small footprint required

Multiple stacking solution

Easy and flexible reconfiguration of the line

Possibility to work with any VCA job tray

Easy machine maintenance access

Hybrid edger composition


with a barcode scanner that makes it easy to find out the job story

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