Flawless Gauge

Win the challenge of 100% first fit rate with the MEI FlawLessFit system, which applies a dynamic shape optimization taking into consideration all lens and frame features.

The system uses the new MEI FlawLessGauge to analyze and correct the matching between lens and frame, avoiding rework and assuring a perfect fit of all spectacles.

The FlawLessFit system also integrates the 3DCirc Adaptation and the Smart Bevel Positioning algorithm already available in all MEI edgers.

The mechanical frame-lens assembly holds the lens steadily into the frame, but it is affected by several factors interacting together, which can easily create a bad result.      


The RX prescription determines the overall lens thickness and curvature of the optical surfaces, and with high prescription values, thickness and curve can be pretty extreme, while the frame has been manufactured to be used with a narrow range of power.

For the same reason, often, the frame base curve doesn’t match with the lens base curve, and in addition the profile of the groove into the frame doesn’t match with the profile of the bevel performed by the edger.

This situation, which originated because lens and frame are not individually manufactured, creates breakages and a time-consuming rework process.

In its effort to improve the overall edging field, MEI has analyzed one by one these situations, and has developed an edging system, composed by edging machines, detection systems and integrated software applications able to handle the different situations and provide reliable results, avoiding the rework process and the breakages.

The FlawLessFit system, includes three main features, developed to optimize the assembly of V-beveled lens into eyeglass frames.

The Smart Bevel function, active for all V-bevel and Groove jobs, which determines the lens base curve measuring individually every lens, takes in consideration the frame base curve detected by the frame tracer, takes in consideration the frame material, dimension of the profile and flexibility of the frame, and calculate run time the best bevel position and base curve, to mitigate deformation and assure excellent cosmetic result.

While the Smart Bevel function determines the best lens-frame base curve compromise, the remaining curve difference may determine 3D Circumference differences resulting in non-perfect fit. The 3DCirc Adaptation function takes care of correcting, run time the edged lens shape to avoid any lose or tight fitting.

With the frame groove profile data provided by new MEI FLGauge, the system compensates the V-bevel profile differences between lens and frame. The groove profile in the frame varies accordingly with frame material, frame base curve and mostly because there is no standardization of the profile among manufacturers. Then the lens Bevel profile produced by the edging machine remains constant and depends of the profile of the tool installed in the edger.

The not perfect matching of the two profiles may produce gaps between lens and frame that create functional or cosmetic imperfections, or the need of rework to allow the lens fit.

The MEI FlawLessFit system is able to calculate all these compensations individually and determines the global size compensation considering all factors and makes every lab and optical retailer capable of 100/100 first fit rate.

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