ShaperFinder EVO

The Shape Finder EVO is an optical scanning device to detect lens shapes and holes. Its exclusive design specifically avoids all the typical inaccuracies characterizing the camera-based units on the market.

The Shape Finder EVO is also available in a version with a blocker, which allows the user to block the lenses directly.

The new version includes the camera lenses and the lighting system, designed to emphasize the edge profile, eliminating the perspective effects and the field distortion. The new system has a personal computer and a bar code reader integrated, creating a user-friendly all-in-one component.

The new adjustable touch screen monitor is in front of the system in order to make the blocking operation more user-friendly.

By connecting the integrated computer to the client’s network, you are able to prepare, save and even modify your standard and special jobs directly to the computer or to your server.

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