ShaperFinder EVO Reflector

Save time with the accurate and easy-to-use ShapeFinder EVO Reflector, the new camera-based MEI lens tracer unit featuring quality control for edged lenses and logo positions, applied either via laser or an inking process.

You can create drill jobs and design complex shapes at the touch of a button, avoiding the all-too-common inaccuracies of the camera-based units currently on the market and reducing dramatically the time and trial cuts needed.

Its telecentric distortion-free optical design and easy-to-use touch screen interface make any kind of lens shape detection reliable and simple. The new version includes the camera lenses and the new lighting system, designed to emphasize the edge profile, eliminating the perspective effects and the field distortion.

The ShapeFinder EVO Reflector unique reflection system emphasizes and recognizes any kind of logo, including the partially visible ones. The integrated control system and barcode scanner create a user-friendly all-in-one unit that completes the ShapeFinder outstanding family.

Automatic shape alignment, high accuracy automatic measurement, adjustable screen, comfortable for either sitting or standing operation, integrated Barcode scanner, wireless keyboard and mouse make the Shapefinder Evo Reflector the ideal all-In-one lens tracer for both retail and optical lab environments.

Shape Finder EVO Reflector allows you:

  • Detection of the edged lens shape and comparison of A-B box and 2DCirc with the theoretical shape of the job file for quality control purposes.
  • Detection of the logo’s position and comparison with the theoretical position defined in the job file, for quality control purposes.
  • Detection of holes and notches for the preparation of drill jobs, also in mirrored or dark lens, without the need to paint the edge of clear lens.
  • Detection of step back profile and notches for the creation of complex edging programs.
  • Automatic generation of the different edging profiles compensated with the tool diameter and export of the edging file in DXF/OMA/TRX format.
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