The lab operator everyone would like to have.

EasyBuddy consists of an automatized system that, with its integrated cobot, feeds your EasyFit Trend with more and more independence from manual interventions, enhancing productivity.
It is precise, never gets tired, and allows you to concentrate on things more important than feeding your lens edging machine.

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Your daily job has never been so EASY

High level of automation
Increased autonomy
Optimized footprint

EasyBuddy can manage up to five trays at the entrance and five at the exit. You also have the opportunity to add an automatic stacker-destacker system or to connect to external conveyors to further increase the autonomy of your production.

Loading and unloading of the trays don’t affect the machine’s operations, and the EasyFit remains always available for any manual intervention if necessary. So you can prepare the jobs through your LMS (lab management system), an offline station, or directly on the machine.

Processing Cycle
1. The tray flows on a conveyor to the EasyScan area
2. EasyFit uploads the job through the barcode reader
3. The cobot loads the lens in EasyScan for the pre-inspection (lens centering and orientation)
4. The cobot moves the lens into EasyFit
5. The cobot moves the edged lens back into its position in the tray