Brands any plastic material with symbols and commercial logos.

EZMarker UV TBA is a unit specifically created for the application of visible logos on any type of plastic lens. Using electronically-controlled axes EZMarker UV TBA ensures the perfect positioning and the correct focal distance for the lens, while a sophisticated solid-state laser system incises at a resolution exceeding 600 dpi.

  • The use of a UV DPSS laser permits point precision of 600 dpi that ensures previse branding without smudges on any material lens.
  • The process is easily integrable in the process of lens cutting and it is completely free of errors of blockage or loading.
  • A 4-axis positioning system ensures absolute precision of incision. The system also guarantees that every incision occurs with the lens in a perpendicular position to the laser source and with the correct focal distance.
  • The machine interface is compatible with OMA/VCA.
  • The integrated loading and unloading system allows the machine to be easily integrated into the production line or paired with MEI stackers.
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