EZ Marker UV TBA

The EZ Marker UV TBA performs the engraving of commercial logos on all plastic lenses.

The engraving is made using a solid-state UV laser source with a short focal distance scanning head.

A four-axis device holds the lens and places the lens surface perpendicular to the laser beam to compensate for the small laser working area.

The loading and unloading are entirely automatic and block-less, using standard VCA job trays. The management of the job data uses standard VCA protocol.

The Marker control unit is equipped with standard MEI Job Setup interface customized for engraving purposes. The engraving can be done in any place of the front curve of the lens, except the area where the vacuum holds the lens.


  • DPSS UV laser source provides a 600 dpi spot size that assures a precise and stable engraving of commercial logos on all lens plastic materials.
  • The EZ-Marker UV TBA can be easily integrated into your edging process thanks to a probe that measures the lens surface height and inclination on each engraving spot. This device and the software installed in the machine avoid the need for the surfacing file and is totally independent of any blocking and loading errors.
  • Each engraving positions are quickly and precisely located due to the 4-axis lens positioning system. This system also assures that all engravings are done with the laser perpendicular to the local lens surface, with the correct focal distance.
  • The machine interface is VCA/OMA compatible.
  • With a fully automatic loading and unloading system, the machine can be easily integrated into the manufacturing line or combined with MEI stacker/de-stacker systems.
EZ Marker UV TBA engraving of commercial logos on all plastic lenses Mei System
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