Reach manufacturing excellence through the new MEI global lab supervision system.

Drive your production process to excellence by taking advantage of Industry 4.0 technologies with the new JobTracking4.0 software application by MEI, which combines the functions of data supervision, productivity analysis, and overall lab efficiency.

JobTracking4.0 collects and analyzes, globally and individually, the data stored by the lab equipment, provides a complete real time view of the whole process from a single workstation, and supports equipment usage to drive operational excellence.

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The MEI application, designed to implement Industry 4.0:
  • Collects production information from the edging lines.
  • Supports big data analysis.
  • Calculates the equipment effectiveness (OEE).
  • Improves yeld by tracking breakages.
  • Supports predictive maintenance.
  • Tracks tools usage.
  • Help to manage a smarter, more cost-effective, and efficient production environment.

Having complete and proper information is the key factor for the decision-making process in any kind of manufacturing environment. The RX Lab does not escape from this rule. The larger the facility is, the bigger the need for structured data to manage the normal production, the maintenance activity, and the optimization of the manufacturing process.

Every MEI edger offers a built-in software application that constantly stores the stream of data generated by the edger itself as it completes jobs, including inspection reports, cycle time alarms, and messages.

Now with JobTracking4.0 by MEI, it is possible to collect and analyze these data and get a complete overview of the production process to optimize lab efficiency.

New JobTracking4.0 Quick View

The JobTracking4.0 Quick View is now available free of charge on any device connected to the JobTracking4.0 server. You can now quickly and easily monitor the edger view and the statistics dashboard, analyzing the current and historical data

Break Inspection Offline

MEI developed the Break Inspection Offline (BIO). This feature allows the management of all the inspection rejects created by the edgers from a JobTracking4.0 station in a second moment, offline. The machine saves the break inspection data and rejects the job, keeping a high production rate.

The new JobTracking 4.0 App!


The new JobTracking 4.0 app is now available for your IOS and Android devices! You can immediately view current and historical data directly on your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to filter among your connected edging labs and focus on every single machine or line.

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