EasyFit Trend

The only professional lens edger in the market.

Born from MEI’s experience in manufacturing lens edging machines, the EasyFit Trend is the new block-less compact solution tailored for optical shops and small labs. This new edger represents a further breakthrough for the field with its unique features, including:

  • the high precision and reliability of milling technology
  • Eco-friendly Dry Cut technology with saving 1 million liters / 264k gallons a year
  • the “No Block” system that eliminates blocks and pads.

The new EasyFit Trend features an innovative tracing system that further increases the overall productivity, and a new modern and compact design.

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Win the market challenges by creating added value and delivering benefits to your customers

Ease of use
Easily edge sport frames lenses
Remote edging
Environmentally sustainability
Technical assistance

Quality control

Total Quality Control

Edging is just one part of the RX lens mounting process. Making sure that your customer receives the quality they deserve requires several inspection processes, before and after edging. This impacts labor costs, work space and delivery time, but this was before the EasyFit Trend.

The EasyFit Trend performs all needed quality inspection tasks without increasing the edging cycle, analyzing 100% of the production, minimizing the rejects and automatically applying the needed correction.

MEI Cases of success
"We are Optariston are constantly evolving, we keep looking for new materials and new products. It is precisely for this reason that we need to have a high-performing machine."
Owner - Optariston
"With MEI we don't feel like we are just customers, we're partners. Because we share the same goal: customer service and professionalism in preparing spectacle lenses."
Owner of an optical shop Traiskirchen, near Vienna
"We have always proposed ourselves as optical manufactures and not as simple retailers. I believe showing EzFit to the public is a prestigious business card, as well as a valid element of differentiation."
Owner of two optical shops near Bergamo, Italy
"EzFit is an innovative, extraordinary, revolutionary lens edger with a green impact, truly amazing. A machine that works without water cut lenses."
Lab manager - Punto Ottico HumanEyes
"EzFit edger took our lens edging to the whole next level in terms of speed and quality. If you desire quality, speed, and efficiency, MEI will perfectly fit the bill."
Owners of Eye Candy Optical shops (Ohio, US)
"We chose EzFit by MEI because it is the cutting-edge technology for the lens edging. We can do everything now, including quickly edge prescription lenses for the sport frames."
Owner of Italian Optic shops
"In addition to high productivity, which is not our priority because we work with small numbers, EasyFit Trend guarantees great reliability and precision in lens edging."
Owner of Ottica Casoni
"So now the machine opens up, we can simply take our lens out now that should be a perfect fit to the frame, no heating is required and all we got to do is take it, pop it in and we're good to go."
Owner of MH Optical Labs
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